Call It A Comeback - XPOZ

You can always count on Canada to bring us some kooky nonsense, can't you? The Hextalls come to us all the way from British Columbia and they brought their light hearted, totally non-serious blend of pop, rock and punk with them.

The band is comprised of four members who love to crank out happy-go-lucky, poppy rock anthems with an array of simplistic topics. Lyrical content ranges from anything from Pacman to Shania Twain, horror movies to childish pranks. If you're looking for serious music with a strong social or political statement - this isn't it... at all.

On the other hand, (although I've never seen them live) I can imagine that this band would put on one hell of an entertaining show. Their music is so upbeat and lively that you cant help but dance around like an idiot who's eaten too much sugar. If you want to hit up a show that won't leave you covered in pit bruises but rather, sweat and maybe even a potluck of various perfumes from any number of pop-punkish/rockabilly girls rubbing up against you in the dance pit (yep, I said "Dance pit"), then check these guys out. Think along the lines of Chixdiggit and Teenage Bottlerocket.

Call It A Comeback - ZME Music

[From the article 5 Albums that would make better Soundtracks for the NHL than "Back in Black"]

PROS: Fun, fast, catchy, and puts a big smile on your face, occasionally may even elicit high-fives from J.S. Giguere-hating fans of the Flames, Kings, and Wings! Any Ramones-rip off band named after hockey's most abrasive one-man goaltending show, particularly with a song called "J.S. Giguere is a Robot" has to be considered.

CONS: They swear. A lot. "I'm the Best (In Bed)" rides the same thematic trails as our friends in AC/DC, except they leave extremely little to the imagination. Call it irreverent, and call it a lawsuit for anyone who puts on "Jeff Siemens vs. The Toothbrush" in one of the NHL's more prudish markets.

Call It A Comeback - OX Fanzine [Germany]

[Translated (poorly) from the original German article with Yahoo! Babelfish]

My dear swan, already gives it the HEXTALLS from Vancouver for some years, but with the new plate they attack now correctly. Whole 18 of song is drauf, the Cover lets me with its ice hockey topic directly of the HANSON BROTHERS think, while the music a freshness and almost perfect mixture from old SCREECHING WEASEL, CHIXDIGGIT and NERF HERDER is! There are mad texts also, over Bumsen, hard skirt icons, Eishockeykeeper, Einhörner, mini gulf, house parties, RAMONES shirt, urine toothbrushes and and.

This lyric Ergüsse by the way brought in volume for that a delicious tear in the maximum Rock'n'Roll. I am not ashamed meanwhile to admit that I would have made myself completely unintellektuell when hearing a few marks before laughter nearly into the trousers.

Clearly, the texts are in a silly way and the music perhaps also not high-grade innovative, but the HEXTALLS has Top song, Top sound and strikes itself also gladly times with a winking into the pan.

I have anyhow momentarily massively fun with the disk (beautiful orange Vinyl by the way) and can from there only mean thumbs far to stretch upward. But I am also no MRR Spaßbremse, haha... - (8/10 stars)

Call It A Comeback - Razorcake

When I put this record on, a loud groan erupted from my body. My ears folded over on their own, trying to block the music out. My body struggled toward the window for a quick escape, but I stood strong and listened. The songs sound so formulaic that I found it hard to differentiate one from the next. They all went on way too long. I sat through lines like "Michael Myers is a big homo" and songs with titles like "Puckward Nipples the 3rd." My stamina paid off with the moderately rocking "Unicorn Rider," during which I thought that this band could have done something nice with the 7" format. Then they rewarded my perseverance by slapping me in the face and closing out the first side with a phone message from the Doctor Phil show in which one of the show's people said that she sent an e-mail to one of the guys in the band. Yeah, it's that exciting. So is this record.

Call It A Comeback - Uncle Critic

Most people will tell you don't call it a comeback; this isn't the case with the Hextalls who have titled their album "Call it a Comeback". Now the Hextalls seem to have a love/hate relationship developing with me here. First off they're a great band. They put on a great live show and they're catchy as hell. Their song subject matter or rather the lyrics inside said songs are what I have a problem with. Example here "Jason Vs Freddy Vs Ash", great song, about horror movie icons which I fucking love. But then for no reason they take a swipe at Freddy and Michael Myers (two icons who are obviously better than Jason). That's the least of the offences on the album. Worst of all is "On The Third Day, Axl Rose" which I can only hope is a joke song. If this song is not a joke then these guys have some serious problems, downing great bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden while rooting for the talentless low life Axl Rose. Those problems aside this is a great record; it's catchy, fun and has some hockey on the cover. If you like catchy pop punk you should check it out.

Call It A Comeback - Lucid Media

I'm not sure how many people will be into stuff like this, but...

The Hextalls are a Canadian band playing Ramones style punk rock. The lyrics could double as a full length comedy album. If you're into it, buy the record. It was just recently released on vinyl.

Call It A Comeback - Razorcake

Their drummer's name is Nikki Stixx. Does anyone else besides me think that is fucking hilarious? But that's not the only thing that will make you laugh on this record. Sit down and read the lyrics sheet like you're cramming for a final exam. Eat a coffee sandwich if you have to. Once you have them down, sing along and try not to spit out your beer at the same time. Trust me-it's fun! "On The Third Day, Axl Rose" has the super catchy chorus of "Scott Weiland is an asshole." I just wish the bonus tracks had the lyrics listed. No worries though, "Martin Lawrence" will quickly become your new favorite song. I promise.

Call It A Comeback - Troublezine [Italy]

[Translated (poorly) from the original Italian article with Yahoo! Babelfish]

To 6 years of distance from the last job ("Call It To Career") the Hextalls they decide of riesumarsi and making new cd but also not only 7" (exited for the Records Rally, I hope to recover it soon. These egg whites instead if it they are autoprodotto).

Chiccazzo are you will say you? Effectively they are not much famous, but with the 2 intense activities escapes in 2000 and 2002 before along Hush (coincided I imagine with a temporary issolution), the Canadians of Vancouver (friendly of the Chixdiggit, which have also entitled a song with the name of their bassista) they had introduced themselves in the immense sea of poppunk of year-end '90. Guessed guitars to all volume, melodie, lunatic witnesses, a hit to remember on Drew Barrimore... these were the Hextalls, and we find again thus them.

Always with the player of hockey in cover, always talked nonsense and melodici. "Call It To Comeback" begins very well, first 4 pieces are indeed beautiful and being involved. Flat Pian but the disc appiattisce: the rhythms always are locked, the assolini are much pretty (like that one of keyboard on J.S. Giguere Is To Robot, the Epoxies), but the all too much homogenous sound. It is listened to gladly, for charity, if you piacciono Lillingtons and Huntingtons are roba for you, but lacks the mordant. Pull-up of pride with the last one song, Unicorn Rider, than you remains overhead and ends for being the better episode.

They then follow 40 second of telephone secretariat and 4 bonus, than other they are not that 3 pieces ended on the 7" more an other. And these are decidedly beautiful, Ramones T-Shirt on all.

If you do not know them, independently from these egg whites, they deserve. For which while you pure dates unloaded them listen also to "Call It To Comeback".

Call It A Comeback - Punk or Nothing

When I sat down to review the Hextall's full length Call it a Comeback, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. The hockey player on the cover reminded me they were from Canada, and I had heard a song or two before I sat down with it, but over all I was going into this blind. The first song was an intro track entitled "Welcome to the Record," and was forty-two seconds long. The song explodes with, "It's time to fucking rock! It's time to punch the clock!" and continues with a silly intro about the band. I'm ready now. That first track blew me away and I was ready for the first full-length track, "I'm The Best." A ridiculously catchy intro leads to an explosively catchy, one-minute-forty-two-second pop song about being a champ in the sack that makes me want to bob my head and jump around. That's two and I'm in suspense to see if the Hextalls can pull off a hat trick. Can they ever! The third track, "Jason Vs. Freddy Vs. Ash" has a call and response chorus that puts this ditty aside as being one of the best tracks on this album. At this point I think I know what's in store for me with the other thirteen songs on this album. I'm not far off. The album doesn't venture far from the formula of intense, fast, catchy songs with dorky subject matter, but that doesn't matter because it's a formula for success. There isn't a bad song on this release, and although some songs are more memorable than others, they all rock. I don't know when they fell behind, but I'd definitely call it a comeback.

Call It A Comeback - Maximum Rock n Roll

Wow, this totally sucks. It's probably the most boring, unoriginal piece of dog shit I've listened to in a long time. Every song is a direct rip-off of a pre-existing SCREECHING WEASEL song. And the lyrics - where to start? There's the song where they talk about how awesome at sex they are, or the song where they call girls bitches, or the song where they call Michael Myers a "homo." And that's just the first three songs; the rest of the album is just a long stream of tired pop-culture references. This is terrible. Avoid this band at all costs.